AHS and Radial partner to install Exotec solution for Gymshark

AHS's implementation of high-density goods-to-person system, utilizing 100 Skypod robots, set to go live in Q3 of 2022, with a design that will support output of over 240,000 units per day.

AHS's implementation of high-density goods-to-person system, utilizing 100 Skypod robots, set to go live in Q3 of 2022, with a design that will support output of over 240,000 units per day.

Advanced Handling Systems (AHS, LLC), a leading full-service integrator of automated fulfillment and distribution solutions, and Radial, a bpost group companny that provides omnichannel ecommerce technologies and operation services, have announced a continued partnership to implement a new system for Gymshark at an Allentown, Penn., fulfillment center.

This facility will utilize the Exotec Skypod System as the central pick engine, seamlessly switching between batch and discrete picking to optimize the overall facility, according to the announcement. The aim of the system is flexibility, while the system design will support output of over 240,000 units per day. 

Gymshark is a fitness community and apparel brand based in the United Kingdom. The brand has grown from a screen-printing operation in a garage into one of the fastest growing and most recognizable brands in fitness, with customers in over 180 countries. In support of its accelerated growth, Gymshark has formed a partnership with Radial and AHS to expand its reach and implement the high-performing Exotec Skypod System in the 640,000 square foot Allentown fulfillment center.

“Working with both Radial and AHS – we believe we are investing in a partnership and solution that will not only allow us to offer a best-in-class service to our customers in the U.S., but also allow us to scale the operation as we continue to grow in the North American Market,” said Chris Ormonde, Operations Director, Gymshark.

AHS is the leading integrator of Exotec’s solution in North America, having launched and installed several Exotec Skypod Systems in the United States. This system will have over 100 Skypod robots to aid in Gymshark’s mission of providing innovative and effective performance wear for its customers. The go-live for this sophisticated system is scheduled to take place in Q3 of 2022.

“AHS and Radial have been long-term partners in enhancing many successful fulfillment centers over the past several years,” said Jordan Frank, Sr. Director of System Sales at AHS, LLC. “This project takes our partnership to the next level and showcases the passion and commitment Radial has towards innovation.”

“We are constantly looking for new technologies that can improve our processes and provide our clients a competitive edge, making their fulfillment more efficient and intelligent,” said Steve Fischer, Director of Implementations Engineering at Radial. “AHS’s ability to bring innovative solutions with a great understanding of our business is what makes our relationship work so well. We are excited to partner with AHS and Exotec to deliver this advanced fulfillment system to service Gymshark.”

The Exotec Skypod System is said to be the first of its kind to use mobile robots that can move in three dimensions and reach heights of 40 feet to enable efficient, high-density inventory storage. The Exotec Skypod uses laser scanner navigation and robust software to increase warehouse throughput by up to five times with a two-minute response time for all SKUs. In addition to meeting evolving client needs, the integration of the Exotec system supports Radial’s goals of improving the associate experience. As a tight labor market continues to be a growing challenge for the industry, the system is designed to improve working conditions and foster more sustainable warehouse productivity by reducing highly repetitive, physically intensive tasks like walking, lifting, and bending.

“Supply chain disruptions, ongoing labor constraints, and rapid growth of ecommerce continue to drive demand for adaptable robotics solutions. Exotec supports large, innovative brands like Gymshark and gives them the flexibility to scale their operations rapidly in response to consumer demands while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction,” said Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec.