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Fall Protection that Does Not Penetrate the Roof Membrane

Why use a railing system for fall protection on a low slope roof?

  • A guardrail system removes the risk of workers reaching a position from which they could enter into a free fall situation.
  • There is no training involved - everybody knows how to use railings.
  • It is the safest way to provide fall protection for people who work near the roof edge according to many safety consultants.
  • No annual inspections, maintenance, training, additional equipment or other hidden costs.

What are some other benefits of KeeGuard Fall Protection Railing System?

  • No penetration of the roof membrane. Therefore no possibility of a leaking roof and expensive repairs
  • Collective fall protection. This means that the number of people that can be on a roof safely is only limited by the size and strength of the roof.
  • Simple counterbalance construction of KeeGuard fall protection system makes installation easy and straightforward
  • In all safety matters the simpler the solution the better. KeeGuard fall protection railing system should always be considered when possible when choosing a fall protection system
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