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CEMA Application Guide For Unit Handling Conveyors, 2nd Edition

In this book one will find the most current conveyor technologies presented and explained in detail.

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Developed by the foremost experts in the industry, the 2nd Edition of CEMA Application Guide for Unit Handling Conveyors, also known as the “Unit Handling Book”, is intended to be the most comprehensive technical resource and education guide available in today’s conveyor industry.

This book is intended to help designers, engineers, operations managers, and procurement managers make informed decisions about designing, developing, or purchasing conveyor systems that will optimally integrate into customer defined systems and meet the most demanding product needs.

In this book one will find the most current conveyor technologies presented and explained in detail.

Product-related chapters present key definitions, technical details, and information pertaining to design, application or selection, options and accessories, maintenance and safety considerations. Additionally, there are many graphs, charts, pictures and selection examples provided to enhance the understanding of topics discussed.

Sub-component systems including motors, gearing, belting, chain, bearings, rollers and pulleys are discussed in the same level of high detail.

In creating the 2nd Edition, every chapter was thoroughly reviewed and rewritten by a carefully selected team of experts. The goal was to provide the most up-to-date materials and technical content.

A renewed emphasis was placed upon providing additional working examples, calculations and technical content that further reinforce the key concepts presented in the well-known ANSI/CEMA 400 Series Standards.

The 2nd Edition Unit Handling Book establishes a single source of application and selection criteria, highlighting the most current technologies and best practices applied in today’s conveyor industry.

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Drawing upon the expertise of our member companies, CEMA is able to provide the industry with standards, technical information, safety labels and safety information from our meetings where they develop and discuss conveyor industry standards, technical publications and new developments in conveyor design, technology, application, and safety.

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