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Backsaver lift tables

Backsaver® Lift Tables for any application

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Backsaver® lift tables from Southworth Products Corp are available in more than a million different configurations. 

Designed to improve productivity and worker safety in machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading, and other applications, they can be shipped quickly from stock.

Although standard Backsaver Lifts™ can be ordered with capacities of 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 4,000, or 6,000 pounds and lifting heights up to 56 inches, higher capacities and lifting heights are available. 

These rugged lift tables feature tabletops with the exclusive Comfort Edge to eliminate sharp corners and improve visibility. Platform sizes range from 24” x 36” up to 72” x 96”.

All Southworth lift tables are built with standard features that provide reliable performance and a long service life. Down speed is adjustable. Contoured legs provide extra width at the pivot point, combining greater strength with lower collapsed height. 

All pins, rollers, shafts, and bushings are lubricated for life. Heavy-duty torque tubes minimize twisting and deflection for greater rigidity. Oversize, low-pressure hydraulic cylinders extend the life of hydraulic components, while heavy-duty, wire-braided hoses have burst strength 400% greater than the hydraulic operating pressure. 

Full-width axles and full-length roller retainers increase stability, even with off-center loads. “Tell-tale” hydraulic return lines are clear plastic, providing visual indication when it is time to repack the cylinders. Built-in safety chocks prevent accidental lowering during maintenance.

Options and accessories include anti-skid, conveyor, and tilting tabletops; turntables; fiber-optic, auto-reversing toe sensors; special power units; special electrical controls; a variety of wheels and casters; and a multitude of other choices that provide extra control, safety, portability, or convenience.

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Southworth Products Corp is the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries.

Southworth Products
PO Box 1380
Portland, Maine 04104-1380
Tel: 1 (207) 878-0700
1 (800) 743-1000

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