Revive IT revamps packaging workflow with on-demand packaging

The new workflow is outperforming the company’s previous process considerably.

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As a professional IT hardware, software and managed solutions provider, Revive IT has specialized in new and professionally refurbished electronics equipment and innovative technology solutions since its founding in 2007.

In addition to developing high-quality products, the company is focused on delivering them to end users at a significant cost savings. Yet, to achieve this level of cost savings, Revive IT’s managers and operators knew they had to take a different and more innovative approach to their packaging operations process.

Upon learning of a custom product packaging solutions provider, Revive IT became intrigued by the promise of an on-demand packaging workflow.

Due to the nature of its business, its products come in all shapes and sizes. Since Revive IT refurbishes and recycles electronics, product sizing and inventory are constantly changing. Their packaging process was labor intensive, as boxes had to be manipulated to fit correctly and reduce damage.

The Revive IT mission—to be responsible to team members, partners, the community and the environment—had to remain a central focus. As owner, managing partner and inventor, Rick Krug wanted to improve his company’s packaging environment.

“At Revive IT, we focus on our customers, employees, the environment and community,” Krug says. “By doing so, we remain influential stewards of the environment, while [also] employing smart business practices in Mesa (Ariz.).”

By using a custom box-making machine, which uses the packaging solutions provider’s z-fold, Revive IT ships between 500 and 1,000 boxes per day. To further impact the value that’s already been achieved by the new system, Revive IT has also installed the packaging solutions provider’s auto gluer, which offers its packaging operators the additional ability to quickly glue RSC or FOL boxes.

In addition, Revive IT, with the support of the packaging solutions provider, designed a new workflow around the machine—while using a dimensioning system, a scale and software integration to produce custom boxes and shipping labels. Krug had a vision for how the workflow and process could be tied together and implemented.

“Extensive work has gone into box design and process flow. We use a lot of custom corner and insert protection for our new and used electronic products,” he adds. “The ability to create new box designs on the fly was important and has given us the ability to grow customer commitments and outperform the prior process flow tenfold.”

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The new workflow is outperforming the company’s previous process considerably.

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